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The planned future face of Lara Township: Infill high-density development, few open spaces,  
scarce wildlife, inappropriate land use and more over-saturated unsafe roads and lack of infrastructure.

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Lara Structure Plan adopted in April 2011 and what it means for you.
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TLC submission to Council on Feeling's New Strategy Plan for the Environment.

TLC Environment Plan Submission.pdf
TLC supports education program at Serendip Sanctuary and congratulates staff on the
NAB grant award.

TLC announces that the lobbying effort was successful with Parks Victoria who has secured a
grant from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEED) for funding of
the important ongoing youth educations programs at Serendip Sanctuary.

The primary benefactors include Lara Primary School students and 3000 other regional youth
participants in these unique programs held at Serendip Sanctuary in Lara. Lara primary school
students attend the Serendip Education Program three days per week.

Serendip offers natural wildlife amenities that do not exist elsewhere in the region.
TLC wishes to thank NAB, the DEED, Parks Victoria, our Serendip rangers and all who made this
possible for their continued support of this valuable education opportunity for our children.

Parks Victoria Announcement Letter

TLC letter to Parks Victoria
Jamco Constructions Helipad Permit VCAT P1542-2015 85 Mill Road Lara

VCAT decides in favour of Lara residents

On 21 April 2016 the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal issued its final decision and order on
the appeal lodged by the Lara objectors group and TLC. The decision to grant this inappropriate
permit made by Geelong Statutory Planning on  2 July 2015 was set aside with no permit to issue.
The very same reasons and evidence presented to senior staff at Geelong Council Planning prior
to their approval were quoted by the VCAT Tribunal in its final decision to refuse a permit.

CASA and VicTrack safety concerns, noise levels and amenity, purpose and need and Avalon
Airports proximity that were all ignored by the CoGG Planning Department were key considerations
by Tribunal. The welcome decision comes after a 1.5 year effort by TLC staff and residents to stop
this inappropriate proposal in the face of much adversity and indifference from the opposition.

Special appreciation is directed to those who donated to the considerable costs for the appeal.
The volunteer legal effort by local lay persons was profound. The decision sets a landmark
precedence in VCAT for safety to be a planning consideration as long required in the Planning
and Environment Act 1987 but ignored by Geelong Planning and many Victoria councils.

Click to read VCAT decision PDF  

Geelong News 30 April 2016
The 14th Annual TLC Tree Planting was held 5 August 2018 at Lara lake lands reserve.
The event was well supported and we thank all those who turned out to help!

Special thanks go to the Lara District Community Bank who provided a grant to buy the
500+ plants, guards and stakes. Local volunteers are welcome to join in this most
worthwhile annual endeavor.
Northern Exposure Interview of TLC President Barry White 7 February 2018
Topics: Issues facing Lara. Nuchev Goat Farming, Traffic Issues, Tourism and Development

Audio Interview mpg (33Mb.)

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New Lara Tourist Information Signs at Lara Library, Six ways and You Yangs Park.
The TLC has worked for several years on this project and wishes to thank all those
involved that made this a reality.